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GOP 11/12 – Social Networking & Small Donor Fundraising

Posted on: July 17, 2011

Here are some numbers I pulled over the weekend , on the total followers each GOP candidate has on their official Facebook and Twitter sites (as of Sat 16 July):

Although I’ve included Twitter in this graph, I’m wary of making a direct comparison between a Facebook ‘like’, which implies a degree of support, and a Twitter ‘follow’, which merely implies interest in what the politician has to say.

Here are the figures on how much each candidate has raised in individual contributions to date, and on how much each raised from sub-$200 donations. (source: NY Times , Note: Huntsman wasn’t required to file an FEC return last quarter)

And finally a comparison of Facebook likes with amount raised through small donations:

It’s still early days in the GOP race, so these figures are just early indicators. Some candidates have built up extensive following on social networks through years of political prominence. Others, like Huntsman, have only recently come to public attention outside the Beltway or their home state. And, of course, there are still two big beasts yet to declare – Palin with her 3,191,925 Facebook fans, and Perry with his more modest 70,485.

I’m setting out these numbers in order to use them as a base going forward – changes over the coming months of the race could well prove intriguing – for example, a significant increase in social networking followers could be a strong lead indicator of growing ‘real world’ political momentum going into Iowa and NH.

I’m also interested (and I’m not the only one) in tracking the correlation between having a strong social network following and a strong small-donor fundraising base – so this topic is one to watch closely as the campaign develops.


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