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Has Perry got the Big Facebook Mo?

Posted on: August 18, 2011

It’s been a month since this blog’s last look at GOP candidate Facebook followings and since then there have been a number of notable developments – Bachmann’s Ames Straw Poll victory, Pawlenty dropping out and, last but far from least, the entry into the race of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

How have these developments affected the candidates’ following on Facebook? Here’s a comparison of each candidate’s number of Facebook ‘likes’ from mid-July to mid-August:

Here’s the increase since mid-July:

And finally this increase expressed as a percentage of each candidate’s mid-July following:

Clearly Perry’s entry has had a significant impact – he’s seen a whopping 78.6% increase over the past month. That said, he’s still got a way to go before closing the gap with Paul and Bachmann, let alone with Mitt Romney who has nearly nine times Perry’s following. The speed with which Perry can close this gap will be worth watching in the run up to Iowa. Perry’s percentage increase is impressive, but Romney, Paul and Bachmann each added nearly as many Facebook followers last month.

The other big if is whether Sarah Palin, whose 3,226,736-strong Facebook following is larger than all the other candidates put together, will enter the race. With Perry and Bachmann (and to a lesser extent Cain and Santorum) already in the field and appealing to her tea party base, she may well feel the need to declare her intentions soon if she does intend to run.


2 Responses to "Has Perry got the Big Facebook Mo?"

[…] been a month since our last look at GOP candidate Facebook followings. A month ago, the headliner was Rick Perry, who saw a 78.6% increase in his Facebook base in the […]

[…] we’ve seen this sort of sudden surge before. Rick Perry’s Facebook following grew 78.6% in the month after he joined the race. Since then Mr Perry has seen a steep decline in his rate of growth – to 26.9% from […]

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