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GOP candidates continue to grow Facebook followings

Posted on: September 15, 2011

It’s been a month since our last look at GOP candidate Facebook followings. A month ago, the headliner was Rick Perry, who saw a 78.6% increase in his Facebook base in the space of a month.

How have things changed? Here’s how each candidate’s Facebook following looks today:

Here’s the increase since mid-August (compared with the increase from mid-July to mid-August):

And the percentage increase:

Huntsman sees the largest percentage increase, albeit off a very low base. His following on Facebook is still just 17,735.

Bachmann’s social networking operation will be disappointed by the recent steep decline in her rate of growth. She grew her following 9.1% from mid-July to mid-August – but by just 0.2% in the last month (less than 1000 people). This fall-off in momentum mirrors media speculation that Perry’s entry to the race has dented Bachmann’s Tea Party support base.

Mitt Romney remains the only candidate with over a million followers. Mr Romney maintains his slow but steady growth – 2.3% last month, 4.1% the month before.

Rick Perry has a following of just under 160,000 – which grew 26.9% in the last month. Perry’s rate of growth may be declining but it’s still an impressive increase from the 70,485 followers he had just nine weeks ago.

Does a strong Facebook following equate to strong small-donor fundraising ability as many assume? For instance, will the fall-off in Bachmann’s Facebook momentum mean a fall-off in her hitherto impressive ability to raise funds from small donors?

It’ll be interesting to see how these online trends compare with the amounts raised by each candidate in sub-$200 donations when the FEC quarterly fundraising figures are released in a couple of weeks.


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